Potential of Chittagong as Health City

Chittagong is the port city and second largest city in Bangladesh. It is beautifully enriched by the presence of sea, hills and trees, the combination of 3 is a rare gift of nature.

The environment is healthy and serene in comparison to other cities including the capital. Now the total inhabitants are about 40 lack. Traffic jam is still tolerable, at 1- 2 places where it occurs, it can be overcome by prudent means. The city has schools, colleges, and universities, markets and playgrounds, offices and industries.

What the city lacks are the standard healthcare facilities. The government establishments are mediocre, private services are not extraordinary.  There is not any state of art cardiac hospital- Fortis is a new addition in the line but couldn’t yet be made the impression and small in scale. There are no advanced Trauma Center, no Cancer Hospital, No Neurology Center, no Advanced Chest facilities, no established Kidney Centre, No Gasto-liver Clinic, No Bone Marrow transplant facilities, infertility center just begins.

This city has the potential to be the health center of Bangladesh. The potential must be exploited without much delay.


Md. Badruddoza